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Our wall insulation can be installed from the interior or exterior of your home. In most cases it is done from the exterior. The main function of wall insulation is to increase the climate efficiency of the space by making it easier to heat and cool the room.




Most people choose to have insulation blown in from the exterior of the home. It's fast, it's easy, and keeps the mess outdoors where it belongs, a real plus for those of us who hate dealing with dust.


Depending on the type of wall insulation used, the product may also help to soundproof the space and minimize the amount of noise that enters or escapes from the room, as well as help to seal tiny cracks where the house has settled and the joints are no longer in perfect alignment.


Blow-in Cellulose insulation seals houses better by limiting the air flow, not only through the insulating material, but also around difficult to insulate areas such as the gaps around electrical boxes, wiring and plumbing. Cellulose insulation can also handle non-standard or off-center wall stud spacing areas better than batts.


Field tests have shown that Cellulose insulation can provide a building envelope that is 36% tighter than a fiberglass insulation seal.




When installed at a certain density, cellulose insulation WILL NOT SETTLE over time and achieves an R-Value of nearly 3.8 per inch. "Dense-Packing" cellulose also produces an incredible improvement in the "tightness" of the building's thermal envelope, thus sealing out drafts as well as outdoor air pollutants.


Prior to installation, the crew will remove 2 rows of SIDING (vinyl or wood), drill 3" holes in your walls, blow in cellulose insulation, plug holes with wooden or styro-foam plugs, and re-install that section of siding for a seamless and unnoticeable application. Stucco is also done from the outside and the holes will be plugged. At this point finish work can easily be performed by either the home owner or a professional painter.


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