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Ensure everyone’s safety during bad and extreme weathers. Have an underground storm shelter or safe rooms installed in your home. This addition will surely provide security and comfort to your family when extreme weather strikes.  

Have your own Storm Shelter/Safe Room installed now!

Shelters and Safe Houses are perfect for:

  • Residential Homes

  • Manufactured Home

  • Mobile - Home

  • Small Business  

  • Day Care Centre

  • Retirement Home

  • RV Parks & Campsites

  • US Government & Military Facilities

  • Local & City Government Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Churches

  • Convenient Stores

  • Schools

  • Corporations

  • Survival Gear

  • Guns/Ammo

  • Valuables/Treasures

  • Food/Water Storage

  • Safe Room for Robbery

  • Protection for the Whole Family!

There is no need to go outside with our below ground shelter that installs easily in most garages. The fiberglass tub will never rust out or rot while the attractive, sliding, steel, entry-door guarantees protection. Our Storm Shelters are F5 Proven Safety! Give us a call at 217-352-9770 to learn more.

Storm Shelters

Standard Features Include:

  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction

  • Multi-Point Door Locking System (Impact Tested)

  • Gas-Assist Struts for Easy Door Opening

  • Fully Weathered Water-Tight Door Seal and Screened Vents

  • Non-Skid Steps / Handrail & Carpeting

  • Screened in Ventilation, Molded in Seating

  • White Gel Coat Interior, Green Epoxy Coated Interior

Safe rooms are great when it comes to residential homes that only have limited space. It is the best there is when it comes to above ground security. They are specially designed to provide protection to your family from extreme weather, break-ins, and other crises. All the components that are used for the safe rooms are fully engineered for your family’s safety. You can contact us at 217-352-9770 if you want to learn more.

Safe Rooms

Standard Features Include:

  • Engineered to withstand an F5 Tornado

  • Bullet resistant to most handguns

  • Undergone extensive testing

  • Can withstand 50 tons of weight

  • Available in many different sizes

  • Easy entry with optional dead bolt

  • Easily installed in as little as an hour

  • Manufactured in the USA

F5 Proven Safety!

All Storm Shelter Models Meet or Exceed

F.E.M.A. Requirements