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"The Insulation Specialists"

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For 5 generations, our family owned and operated team has been the region's first choice for insulation and other home improvement services. Take a moment to look at what locals have to say about our work, and then call us yourself!

Our referrals

“Illini Home Improvements were very careful and knowledgeable. Also they were courteous.”

Henrietta H., Georgetown, IL


“I like the guys attitude and I felt comfortable with them in my home. They answered my questions with respect. I’ll call your company for more services as needed.”

Debra G., Champaign, IL


“Great Job! Installers were very friendly and efficient.”

Jeff and Kelly C., St. Joseph, IL


“Both Chuck and Kody did a good job in insuring that the work was done to my satisfaction. There appreciated them asking me before just going ahead and doing it.”

Brian A., Champaign, IL


“I was super excited about my new doors. Chuck and Kody did a great job. They worked quickly and kept me updated on the project while they were working. They were very friendly and I felt comfortable asking question. Thank you for a job well done!”

Jenni K., Champaign, IL

For 5 Generations!

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5 generations of family ownership

Licensed * Bonded * Insured

Family Owned and Operated

“1st job - We would like to thank you and your crew for doing a great job. You and your crew are very dependable and professional. The questions we had about the project were answered before and during the project.  We both were happy to know the price we were quoted for the job was what we had to pay (no hidden costs) when the job was done.

2nd job – Thanks again for doing another great job. Everything went smooth. Keep up the great work. Your employees are very good at what they do.”

Chuck J., Champaign, IL


“The steps are great! The porch gate is working better and I understand it may sag again over time. The back screen door closes completely. Chuck informed me each time something was done, so it could be checked out and this was appreciated very much. He did a nice job.”

Susan M., Champaign, IL


“We recently moved into a 20 year old, 2900 square feet home in southwest Champaign. Before first gas/electric bills were well above $500 - $600 a month! With all first gas/electric bills were well above $500 - $600 a month! With all the additional expenses of moving, this was too much to In searching for a solution, I called Illini Home Improvement. Kim came by on a Saturday to check our house over and give us an estimate. After checking temperature readings of the walls, doors, windows and ceilings, as well as looking over the crawlspace and attic areas, Kim gave me a very reasonable quote to coat the crawlspace walls and blow in additional insulation inour attic areas. Although there were no major weak spots discovered in his inspection, he advised that his treatments would significantly improve things and reduce our monthly gas/electric bill. I took him at his word and made arrangements for him to come back and service our home.

A few days later Kim showed up with his son and in the space of a morning they treated all the necessary areas in our home. During his work, Kim discovered a large opening in the main duct coming up from the furnace to the attic. Our attic was room temperature – in the dead of winter! He also found large areas in various attic spaces that were either not insulated or under insulated. For no extra cost he took care of all these issues.

The results have been tremendous. Our house feels warmer overall. I have even had to adjust the flue damper on the main duct, throttling back the amount of heated air it was pushing to the upstairs due to the upstairs being too warm! For the first time our new furnace has not had to struggle all day just to bring room temperature to a reasonably comfortable level. The floors are warmer and due to his treatment of the crawlspace, the cold-water faucet puts out mildly cool water instead of the frigid freezing water it used to dispense.

Now we can relax and enjoy our new home, knowing we are protected from the harsh weather and skyrocketing utility bills. Thanks, Kim and Illini Home Improvements!”

Tim O., Champaign, IL


“Professional and courteous team. They took time to explain everything and were extra careful coming in and out. You have a good team of workers and we appreciate a job well done.”

Ben J., Urbana, IL


“Thank you so much for the great work you done insulating my home. Our power went out for 2 hours during the big snowstorm. In that time our heat only dropped to 66. Our neighbors had to leave their home because they dropped to 45 after only one hour. Later the power went out again for 6 hours and the heat only went down to 59. I don't know what we would have done if we had to get out and find some place to stay during the snow storm, the roads were terrible. I am just so glad we had that work done. Good work!”

Rachel Springer - Gifford, IL


“Excellent service by very friendly workers. Thanks for completing the work in such a timely manner.”

Mick and Kim M., Tolono, IL


“Chuck and Kody did a great job! Very courteous and professional. Thank you!”

Margaret J., St. Joseph, IL


“The installers were very nice. They arrived on time and they finished within the estimated time”

Ken B., Urbana, IL


“I appreciate your attention to detail and that you obviously strive for complete customer satisfaction. Thanks again.”

Leslie P., Champaign, IL


“The two men that have completed the work of installing two new exterior doors on our home have made me proud. Not only is the work of the highest quality, so is the business practices they have shown. We could not be happier and we could not have been treated better. Excellent work. They made very sure we where happy with everything. Can't say enough good. Thank you. Thank you.”

Thomas H., Savoy, IL


“Installers were great. Very professional and friendly. They knew how to do their job. I would recommend them to anyone. Good work and did a good job cleaning.”

Charles M., Champaign, IL


“Installation was quick and efficient. Workers did a great job showing us what they were doing and why they were doing it. I would use Illini Home Improvements again!”

Ryan K., Champaign, IL


“I found working with Illini Home Improvements a positive experience. Staff was courteous and respectful. Kevin gave me good advise in regards to some work I could do myself and It worked out very well. After the installers left, my house felt warmer and less chilled due to draft. I would feel comfortable hiring them again.”

Robert B., Urbana, IL


“Joei and his assistant were very polite in explaining what the process is and the makeup of the insulation itself. They cleaned everything up in a neat manner and left things the way that they found recommendations based on the service received.”

Les S., Royal, IL


“ I appreciated that they cleaned up afterwards. Thanks! The two workmen were very professional. They arrived on time and did the insulation job quickly”

Theodore M., Urbana, IL


“[On the] first phone call to Chuck and Nolyn were very professional and thorough. They were polite and courteous. The finished product, we have been very pleased by. We're looking forward them to getting our gutters done this spring.”

Mark and Cathy C., Tuscola, IL


“The 2-person work crew arrived on time and worked straight through until completion of insulation in the attic and crawlspace. I inspected visually both areas. The job was done very well. I am completely satisfied with the application and work ethic displayed. The two were polite, knowledgeable and actually wanted us to see the finished job. I would recommend Illini Home Improvements to others.”

James M., St. Joseph, IL


“Job was done very well and the clean up was great! Good job and they were on time, Thank you.”

Mary W., Argenta, IL


“Mr. Carico saved me a lot of money on the work that was done. This I thank him for. His crew was very knowledgeable about what they were doing. They were respectful and very nice. Cleaned up everything and I did a walk through with the head guy. Again, Thank you. Highly recommended.”

Deanna J., Urbana, IL


“Excellent - Thank you so much especially for seeing that all the work was done on time. You are lucky to have a nice young man like Kody representing the company. He does great work.”

Penmy P., Champaign, IL


“Polite, skillful workers and friendly. Great job by everyone! Thanks a lot! Looks great, Great people!”

David H. S., Catlin, IL


“Installers were very courteous and worked in a professional and timely manner. Finishing touches for corrected problems on outside trim was fixed in a timely fashion.”

Ed and Denise P., Champaign, IL


“I was very impressed with the professionalism of the workers on my project. They were respectful, hard working and they exceeded my expectations. I would have no trouble referring your company and these workers for any future jobs that need references.”

Teresa B., Westville, IL


“Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Gave extra advise on bathroom door.” Thanks.

Mary K., Urbana, IL


“Really good experience. They were here early and did good work. Very courteous and knowledgeable of the product and explaining what it was going to do.”

Doug E., Loda, IL


“Everything was completed as contracted. Overall experience they were good to work with and good response time.”

Eugene F., Philo, IL