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The Foam Coffee Cup...Just 1/8" of Foam With An R-Value Less Than One.

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Go to your favorite convenient store and buy a cup of coffee. Hold the foam cup in one hand and pour yourself a cup of steaming hot coffee with the other hand. Go won't burn your hand. The foam cup will barely be warm to the touch. (If the foam was a bit thicker, it is doubtful if you could feel whether the coffee was hot or cold, only the steam would give it away) We think you'll agree that just 1/8" of foam is a pretty effective insulator. Now put some fiberglass in your hand, and pour boiling coffee into it. Would you feel it? Which would you think is a better insulator, foam or fiberglass?



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Foam is the most efficient form of insulation available anywhere. Think about the effectiveness of some common foam products that we use on a regular basis:

The advantages of Closed-Cell Foam compared to Open-Cell Foam include its strength, higher R-value, and its greater resistance to the leakage of air or water vapor. The disadvantage of the Closed-Cell Foam is that it is denser, requires more material, and therefore, is more expensive. Even though it has a better R-value, typically the cost per R is still higher than open-cell foam.


Open-Cell SPF has an R-Value around 3.6 per inch and typically uses water as the blowing agent.


Closed-Cell SPF has an R-Value of around 6.9 per inch (aged R-value) and uses high R-Value blowing agents.