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Insulation is just as important in the sommer as it is in the winter. A well-insulated house will be COOL IN SUMMER and WARM IN WINTER. Most homes absorb heat through the roof, so insulating the attic floor stops heat from reaching the rest of the house. Properly insulated homes can use 30% to 50% less energy than homes without insulation. Lining your "Thermal Envelope" adding materials that don't readily allow heat to leak through your walls, ceilings, floors, from around your home's foundations and its ductwork - SAVES energy by keeping the heat in during the winter and keeping the heat out during the summer.

Heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space. IN THE WINTER, this heat flow moves directly from all heated living spaces to adjacent unheated attics, garages and basements, or to the outdoors; or indirectly through interior ceilings, walls, and floors--wherever there is a difference in temperature. During the COOLING SEASON, heat flows from outdoors to the house interior. To maintain comfort, the heat lost in winter must be replaced by your heating system and the heat gained in summer must be removed by your air conditioner. Insualting ceilings, walls, and floors decreases this heat flow by providing an effective resistance to the flow of heat.

Attic foam cellulose fire


Cellulose insulation is treated for fire retardancy. If a fire occurs, the blown in cellulose insulation, combined with its fire retardants, can slow the fire from spreading and can create a "2-hour firewall". Scientists at the National Research Council report that, blown in cellulose insulation increases fire resistance by 22%-55%. Densely packed cellulose limits air movement and prevents drafts much better than fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass can naturally break down after its useful life unlike cellulose which does not.


Blown In Blanket System (BIBS)

If you want your insulation to achieve higher R-Values and save you money, look no further. The Blown In Blanket System provides a uniform density, eliminates settling and shifting, and fills costly air gaps, voids and seams. Unlike traditional cellulose, this product will not settle. BIBS is a dry installation that requires no adhesive and is guaranteed against settling because the fibers are packed in so firm that they cannot shift. "It won't settle because of the density". BIBS has no chemical treatments, so it will not offgas or release harmful chemicals into the air like some treated cellulose products. It is completely inert and will not support moisture, fungal growth, or provide food for insects or animals. It is non-corrosive and will not contribute to the rusting or deterioration of pipes or studs. It is fire resistant and provides superior sound control. BIBS is the most cost-effective; sustainable upgraded insulation system available providing the highest thermal and acoustical performance and air infiltration recognizing it as the preferred premier insulating system, according to BIBCA (Blown In Blanket System Association).